Surveys & Research Studies

PLEASE NOTE: Research and surveys are vital to getting data that can serve the needs of our community. HOWEVER, there are studies and research can be conducted in harmful ways. If you are participating in studies we recommend asking questions and doing everything you can to keep yourself safe and healthy in the process. You can always inquire with the research study about their Independent Review Board and certifications for the study. 

COMPASS: Community MPOX Awareness Sex Worker Survey

COMPASS takes place at the McDonald/Wright Building, 1625 Schrader Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028. The results will be used for prevention of new infections and increasing vaccinations. The eligibility for COMPASS is anyone who is 18 years or older and has engaged in sex work in the past year. All genders and sexualities are welcome!

TRANS ON TRANSIT SURVEY: Research from a Trans* Lounge Member

I’m Tam, a doctoral student, from the department of Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I am conducting my PhD dissertation research study, titled “Trans on Transit: The mobility & public transit experiences of transgender & nonbinary people.” As you can tell from the title, I am researching the transit experiences of people who are trans. There’s very little data on this. As a non-binary genderqueer bus and train rider myself, I want to help change that. Do you ride or have ridden transit at least once a week? Do you identify as trans*? If you’re willing to take a brief survey about your transit experiences, please click this link or the link below. The survey will take about 10 minutes of your time. *Trans identities include, but are not limited to, transgender, two-spirit, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid, pangender, agender, bi-gender, third gender, and/or gender non-conforming. Anonymous survey link: IRB#22-001499: Trans on Transit: The mobility & public transit experiences of transgender & nonbinary people


Paid PrEP Study for Trans Feminine Folx

The Center for LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Research & Health (C-LARAH) and Brown University are seeking research participants to test a program aimed at helping trans feminine people (individuals assigned male sex at birth who identify as women, trans women, or another gender identity along the non-binary to female gender spectrum) in taking a daily medication to prevent HIV infection, otherwise known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. Participation in the study lasts approximately 8 months and participants receive up to $220. All conversations are CONFIDENTIAL. Your participation is completely voluntary and the services you receive will not be affected if you choose not to participate in the research. Call or text (424) 256-3999, email [email protected], or take a brief survey here to see if you qualify! The PrEP N’Shine study is led by cisgender and transgender-identified researchers affiliated with UCLA Center for LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Research & Health (C-LARAH) and Brown University. Matthew Mimiaga, Director of C-LARAH, and Katie Biello, a faculty member at Brown University, are the Principal Investigators. Jackie White Hughto and Bianca Robinson are Co-Investigators. Drs. Mimiaga, Biello, and Hughto have been conducting community-engaged transgender research out of Fenway Health in Boston for 20+ years. Ms. Robinson is a leader in the transgender community. She holds an MBA, is a former board member of Fenway Health, and has been conducting research and programming to advance the health of transgender populations for more than a decade.


SURVEY: Gender, Sexuality, and You!

If you identify as trans (binary, non-binary or gender nonconforming), we would like to hear from you! We are LGBTQ+ researchers from Montclair State University in New Jersey and are conducting a study to see how gender affects sexuality. Our anonymous and confidential survey will only take you about 10 minutes to complete.  Your contribution will be much appreciated by professionals who work with LGBTQ+ clients.  Your participation can help others become more aware of transgender issues.  We thank you for your time and openness. William Baker, PhD, Leslie Kooyman, PhD, and Mason Costeira, MA are conducting this study.  If you have any questions, please send us an email. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] This study has been approved by the Montclair State University Institutional Review Board, MSU IRB # FY20-21-2122. Survey link below:  

Autistic Transgender People’s Gender-Affirming Care Experiences

Hello! My name is Nic Rios, and I am a neurodivergent nonbinary person studying sociology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. I’m running a research study on autistic transgender people’s experiences accessing transition-related healthcare. If you are both autistic and transgender, over 18 years old, living in the United States, and you’ve tried to access gender-affirming medical interventions, then I would love to speak to you! I’m especially interested in speaking to people who had problems getting HRT or surgeries, but people with other experiences are welcome to reach out. The study involves a 45-90 minute interview over Zoom. Accommodations can be made to carry out the interview over email. The interview will ask questions about your experiences of trying to begin or further your medical transition. Compensation for this interview is a $25 Amazon gift card, or another $25 gift card of your choice. This will be sent over email within 48 hours after our interview has finished. – Nic Nic Rios PhD Candidate in Sociology The Graduate Center, City University of New York [email protected] Pronouns: they/them  

 This is a survey created by Ann (she/her), a trans woman working on her honors thesis at CSU Long Beach – and Trans* Lounge member! For further questions about the survey, you can e-mail: [email protected] It is short and you can fill it out for a chance to win a 25 dollars Amazon gift card!  The research concerns gender dysphoria and minority stress. People of all gender identities and people who do not experience gender dysphoria are all welcome! 

Research Study from Washington State University

We are creating a questionnaire that will help researchers and health care providers better understand transgender patients’ needs and experiences, and we are looking for feedback. Participating in this study would include having a video interview with one of the study creators, who identifies as a transgender man, to discuss the questionnaire and your thoughts about it (about 1 hour). All participants who complete the interview will receive $25 for their time in the form of an Amazon gift card. Your answers will not be identifiable, and your interview will not be linked with your personal information.

Study has been approved by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board, and we are happy to answer questions you might have about the study. Please reach out to Kyle Schofield ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns.

You are eligible to participate if you identify as transgender, are over the age of 18, are located in the United States, and have had a health care visit in the past year. If you are eligible and would like to participate, please go to this link to complete a short survey:

 As non-binary and intersex identities are becoming more visible and understood by the public, there remains very little data and research around mental health and related issues/challenges regarding non-binary and intersex people. The objective of the Non-Binary & Intersex Mental Health Survey is to promote mental health services, reduce stigma and barriers to mental health services for the non-binary and intersex communities, and increase the capacity of the public mental health system in Los Angeles County. Participants do not need to be a current LA County resident, just have either lived in LA County or utilized any LA County services. If they choose, they will be entered to win one of $100 gift cards in our drawing after the survey closes in late July. The Non-Binary and Intersex Mental Health Survey is a project of LA County’s Department of Mental Health, and has Non-Binary & Intersex folx involved in the administration of the survey. To register for the focus group, or learn more, please visit:

Sex Education Research Study Hello! We are researchers from the Washington State University Psychology Department. We are conducting a psychology research project on the well-being of gender minority students, including transgender, gender non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. This research has been certified exempt for review by the WSU Institutional Review Board. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: For our study, we are seeking participants who identify themselves as a gender minority (not cisgender), ages 18-26 years old, speak fluent English, and have experienced sex education. We are working with organizations at institutions throughout the country to help us recruit participants, and you may be receiving this information from an organization you are a member of or affiliated with. WHAT IT CONSISTS OF: Participants will complete an online survey that will take about 15 minutes on a voluntary basis. Upon successful completion of the online survey, participants will have the opportunity to enter a raffle draw for one of five $50 Amazon gift cards. All responses to the survey will be completely anonymous. The survey includes some sensitive questions regarding mental and sexual health, sexuality, gender identity, and other personal information. All information is kept anonymous and confidential. Any questions can be sent to Gregory Keiser at [email protected]. This study has been certified exempt for human subjects review by the Washington State University Institutional Review Board. If you are interested in participating, please visit the following secure website link below. Thank you very much for your consideration!




 The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between trans well-being and self-efficacy (an individual’s belief in their ability to achieve goals). This project additionally explores political activism and psychotherapy experiences.


If you identify as trans, are at least 18 years old, and reside in the U.S. you are eligible to participate in this online survey! The survey may take an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to complete.


Your participation and responses will remain confidential. 



The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to gather information from one million or more people living in the United States. All of Us is a research program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


The mission of the All of Us Research Program is to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.


$25 gift card upon completion of your visit