QUESTIONS? Check out this page for some FAQs!
You can always reach us at: [email protected]


What is Trans* Lounge?
Trans* Lounge was founded in June of 2015 and is a program at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Trans* Lounge is a first of it’s kind social connection, support & empowerment program that offers FREE groups, classes & events for the the TGI/ENBY+ (Trans, Gender Non-Conforming,  Intersex, and Non-Binary) and all members of the gender expansive community. It’s FREE to join, and all our offerings are ALWAYS FREE – registration only takes only a few minutes! You can see an example of the wide variety of programming we offer in our Program Library, but know that our complete current programming calendar is accessible only to registered members – this is just a sample!

We strive to keep our community connected, and inspired. Trans* Lounge is more than just programming, what makes Trans* Lounge special are the folx who make up our community (over 4,300 members, and growing!). It’s through the presence and contributions of our community members that Trans* Lounge becomes a space for Chosen Family.

Who can be a Trans* Lounge member?
Membership & participation in Trans* Lounge groups and classes is specifically for TGI/ENBY+ and all members of the gender expansive communities.

While we celebrate and appreciate Allies, please understand that for the comfort and safety of our members, Trans* Lounge is not a space for Allies. Allies can find support for themselves using our Ally Resources page, as a starting place.

We also encourage our Allies interested in giving back to support through Volunteering with the Center with Volunteer Resources.

Who runs the Trans* Lounge?
Trans* Lounge is run for community, by community! Gina Bigham (she/her) is here at your service and here to make your Trans* Lounge experience a rich and impactful one. We are always available for questions or comments and can be reached at [email protected].

How does membership work?
Once you are registered, you will have access to our entire website. (Non-registered individuals do not have access to our Upcoming Groups & Classes, Binder Exchange, & Discord pages).

We communicate with our members mainly via email. Once registered, you automatically begin to receive e-mails from us about all our upcoming programming. These e-mails will have all the information you need to access programming including class descriptions and Zoom links. You will always be able to access Upcoming Groups & Classes information when signed-in on our website.

Many of our offerings are drop-in, and can be joined as you are inspired, and available to do so. Some classes and presentations require registration and space may be limited. All Trans* Lounge classes, groups and events are always FREE and offer closed captioning.

Does Trans* Lounge serve Youth?
Trans* Lounge includes folx of a broad range of ages and experiences, because of this some of our spaces can be a bit mature for some of our younger community members. Fortunately the LA LGBT Center has a robust Youth Services Department with a variety of offerings! There is lots of other Youth programming, including groups, events, & the annual Models of Pride conference!

These include a weekly group for TGI/ENBY+ and gender expansive youth that meets every Monday 6-8pm PST online and periodically in-person. There is also a mentorship program where youth are matched with LGBTQ+ mentors.

If you are interested in any of these Youth Services activities you can fill out this brief intake form at this link ,you and reach out to Emmy (she/her) [email protected] in Youth Services!

Are you accepting new Instructors, Classes and other proposals?
We are always seeking new classes and offerings for our membership! If you have a skill, class or something you’d like to offer to our membership, we’d love to hear from you! We love new ideas, and ways to improve our current programming. If you have an idea, please reach out!

You do not have to be TGI/ENBY+ or gender expansive to be an Instructor – but if you are, we would especially love to hear from you!

What can I expect when I attend a Trans* Lounge group, class or event?
What you can expect to find at any Trans* Lounge offering is a safe, welcoming space for growth and exploration as you navigate your gender journey. Trans* Lounge follows a strict series of guidelines in order to make each member feel comfortable and secure, which will hopefully put you at ease and enhance your experience. Trans* Lounge currently offers 20-25 groups, classes, and events each month! Groups/classes are held on weeknights at 7:30 PM and weekends at 12 PM (times may vary) and are usually 90 minutes to two hours in length.

While participating virtually, you can choose to have your camera on or off, and participate in the written chat or out loud – we would be honored to have your presence in whatever capacity you have in that moment – we will invite you to introduce yourself at the beginning, but it is up to you how much you want to participate or simply listen and be present. Group sizes vary depending on the group and the day, some of our larger groups can be as large as 40, and some groups and classes with limited space can be much smaller, depending on who shows up that day.

Do you assist with access to resources, like medical, housing, food?
Trans* Lounge is not a medical, housing, or food resource – our offerings are for support, connection, and empowerment. Unfortunately, we are not case managers and are not able to offer navigation support for resources. This type of support is available to patients of the Trans Wellness Center, and the LA LGBT Center’s Health Services. For individuals 50+ Senior Services has this available, and for folx who are ages 12-24 there is our Youth Services.

We understand these resources can be especially tricky to locate, we encourage folx seeking support services to check out our TGI/ENBY+ Resource Index. This index is centered on available resources in Los Angeles County, though there are some virtual and/or national resources on there as well. This list can be searched, and downloaded/printed for your reference at any time. If you see in gaps in our list, or have ideas how to improve it, please reach out to us at: [email protected].

What is your Binder Exchange Program?
Our Binder Exchange is open to all members of the Trans* Lounge. Any member in need of a new gc2b binder simply needs to fill out the short application on our Binder Exchange page (link only available to members who are signed in!)

If we have your size and style in stock (and we have your permission), we will send your binder via US Postal Service. If we do not have your size and style in stock, we can send you a $40 gc2b gift card and you can order your preferred size and style directly from gc2b. While each member is limited to one new binder, once we are able to see members in our offices again, folx who have already received a binder can come by and access our gently used binders. If we have something that is a fit for you, it is yours!

Trans* Lounge does accept donations of gently used chest binders, and a part of our Binder Exchange Program! If you have some gently-used binders you’d like to donate, please reach out to us to coordinate! 

Do you accept donations?
Trans* Lounge is not able to accept financial donations directly. Donations can be made to the Los Angeles LGBT Center HERE.

Do you accept clothing donations?
Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept clothing donations at this time.

The Trans Wellness Center does accept limited clothing donations, based on capacity, and for items that are clean and in good condition. TWC is in need of the following items: *NEW ITEMS* Underwear (men’s & women’s), Socks / *NEW & GENTLY USED* Chest binders, Jackets, Jeans, Belts, Ties.

If you’d like to make a clothing donation to TWC, you can all them at: (323) 993-2900.