Ally Resources

Trans* Lounge is a program specifically for TGI/ENBY+ and gender expansive folx, and not a space for allies & loved ones. This is a resource list of organizations that are for the support of allies & loved ones. Many of these organizations are based in Los Angeles, but some are national resources.

If you have any resources you would like added to this list, or feel a resource needs to removed from this list please contact: [email protected]*

*Please note this is only for updating the resource list, and not for support in accessing resources.

Theses lists are searchable, and available for download and print.

Organization (Links to Website)ContactServices DescriptionLocationAccessibility
Volunteer Resources at LA LGBT CenterRegister HERE!Register to volunteer to support LGBTQ+ community through the LA LGBT Center's programming. Types of volunteer opportunities available include: general support, ongoing program support, professional skills, resistance squad, special events, & mentoring.9 Locations in LA AreaAll Identities to support LGBTQ+ programs. All spoken languages encouraged to register!
National Center for Transgender Equality - Supporting the Transgender People in Your Life: A Guide to Being a Good Ally(202) 642-4542
[email protected] 
Or contact by clicking here
The National Center for Transgender Equality advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. In the nation’s capital and throughout the country, NCTE works to replace disrespect, discrimination, and violence with empathy, opportunity, and justice. Projects include the Racial and Economic Justice Initiative (REJI); the Trans Legal Services Network (TLSN); the Voices for Trans Equality (VTE); and the Families for Trans Equality (FTE).Washington, D.C. (operates nationally)Advocates for TGI/Enby people across the U.S.
Trans Family Support Group - Hosted by Trans Wellness CenterRegister HERE!Group for family members, friends, spouses or children who are of trans experience and learn how to create a safe and healing space for them to live as their authentic selves.Online & In-Person:
Trans Wellness Center
3055 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 360
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Allies & Loved ones of TGI/ENBY+ Folx. Available in English & Español.
Support Group for Partners of Trans & Non-Binary Individuals - LA LGBT Center Mental Health Services

Mental Health General
(323) 993-7500

Find support and discuss challenges including safety concerns, being misgendered as a couple, various stages of transitioning, and working through issues with family and friends. This is a service of the mental health department, and requires a mental health intake.Online & In-Person:
1625 N Schrader Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Partners of Trans/ENBY+. Offered in English. Available only to residents of CA.
Ally Moms[email protected]Group, blog, and support system for moms of trans-identified children.Online group in US.Moms of trans+ children of all ages.
The Gender Doula[email protected]Trans-identified Gender Doula providing education and support for TGI/ENBY+ folx and their loved ones, including HRT information circles, trainings, and doula services. Most services available on sliding scale.Greater Los Angeles Area.
Online services available.
All identities.
Gender Spectrum, resources, and support groups for folx supporting trans-identified youth. National directory of resources and groups.Parents, Services Providers and Trans-identified youth.
JQ Helpline JQ Helpline is a Jewish LGBT+ organization that provides inclusive support and resources for LGBTQ+ Jews, their families, and allies. There is a toll free number as well as online support groups, as well as events and education.801 Larrabee St., Ste #10
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Jewish LGBTQ+ folx and their loved ones.
Los Angeles Gender Center providing Individual & Group Therapy, Names & Gender Change support, and Free Surgery Letters. Services are primarily centered around gender/gender identity. There are clinicians who are Trans/ENBY+, Cis, & BIPOC. All virtual until further notice.1923 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025 
PO Box 3168
South Pasadena, CA 91031
All Ages. Trans/ENBY+ and Family, Partners of the Community. Language and Accessibility: English, Español, & ASL
Parents of Transgender Kids Facebook Group
PFLAG - Los Angeles[email protected]
(888) 735-2488
(For Español, press 2) 
Support groups, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ individuals and their loved ones.Greater LA AreaLGBTQ+ and their loved ones.
Trans Families(855) 443-6337Non-profit providing education, support, and groups to support all members of families with trans folx in them, including youth and parents. Gender Odyssey conference also hosted annually.Virtual
Seattle, WA Area
Familes with TGI/ENBY+ folx. English & Español Groups
Transgender MapIndex of resources for allies and loved ones.
Trans Lifeline
Supporting a Trans Loved One
Glossary of Terms & Definitions
Online resources about glossaries, terms, and to support a loved one.Online index
Available in English
Transforming Family[email protected] Support groups, training, and education for TGI/ENBY+ youth and their loved ones.1000 N. Alameda Street, Ste 240
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Trans-identified and their loved ones. Spanish group available for Parents/Caregivers on 3rd Sundays.
Trans Youth Equality(207)-478-408
[email protected]
Resource lists, some virtual youth groups, and Trans Youth Camps.Portland. METrans Youth and the people that support them.
TransYouth Family AlliesIndex of resources for those supporting gender expansive youth.Families supporting gender expansive youth.